A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

The third novel in the Beautiful Disaster series starring Abby Abernathy and Travis Maddox

The Proposal
A Beautiful Wedding tells the story behind Abby and Travis’ quickie Vegas wedding as seen at the end of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. Their nuptials occur almost immediately after the fire that took place during an underground fight involving Travis. Since Abby is worried that Travis will be implicated in the crime, she proposes to provide him with an alibi, figuring law enforcement wouldn’t believe a guilty party would choose to get married mere hours after such an incident. Yet, to spare his feelings, she lets Travis believe that she’s asked him to marry her to solidify their relationship.

The Wedding
Soon the two are off the Vegas and quickly find a chapel. However, just before the ceremony, Abby gets cold feet as she sits in the chapel’s dressing room, worried about getting married at such a young age – and that her plan to keep Travis out of prison won’t work. So when Travis gets word of her nervousness, he speaks to her through the door, telling her that he’s willing to wait to marry her if she’s not yet ready. He also slips her a letter that his late mother had written for him to give to the woman he was to marry in the future. This gives Abby the strength to go through the ceremony. Before leaving Vegas, she commemorates their union by getting “Mrs. Maddox” tattooed on her stomach.

The Vow Renewal
Once back home, Abby convinces a guilty Travis not to turn himself in and lies to the police when interrogated, effectively taking the heat off of him. A year to the day of their Vegas wedding, Abby and Travis gather their family and friends together and renew their vows in St. Thomas, with her best friend America’s father, Mark, walking Abby down the aisle.

2 responses to A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

  1. Maria

    At the end of the novella, Abby is walked down the aisle by America’s father. Travis’ father is sitting in a pew with his brother’s dates.

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